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Published on: January 7, 2015








Weather: Rainy days
Mood: So so

It’s been a while on hiatus I have not posted much during 2014. So many happening all year around. There are many ups and downs. Many things that I wished it had not happen too soon. Things that I wish I had more time and that I could have do more.

This year begins with my birthday as usual. Bought myself a pleasant present. Self rewarding was indeed a very satisfying idea. 50% off of normal price is still quite pricey but again it’s only once a year.


Blessed year we had a couple friends that hangs around during my birthday. They had a daughter Estrella and we loved her. No idea where to eat we end up eating XXL Crabs at Fei Fei Crab Restaurant. Yummy!! Before we set to go the the location we agreed for dinner time was still early so we dropped by at Kepong for a light chillers before dinner.

At KTZ desserts house
At KTZ desserts house

A mango sago lolo with a sushi kinda fried ham roll. Hubby had the double boiled white fungus with honey dew but I forgot to take the picture. Time was still early as we did not managed to call them and get the time that we are meeting up. They were having and evening nap.

We finally managed to reach them and we should meet at the restaurant around 7pm. We reached the location quite early about quarter past six and sat in the car while waiting for them to arrive hopefully they’ll be early. The longer we sat in the car the more people we saw walking towards the restaurant as a patrons.

Seeing this kinda situation we feeling bit gan jeong as the time passed. On a further thought and without hesitation we finally got off our car and walk towards the restaurant too. Unfortunately they had ran out of empty tables thus we had stood near an Indian family and soon they had finished their dinner. And so we had seats in less than 10minutes. They arrived just a. Isn’t we sat down.

Many choice of food but we there’s only 4 and a half of us. So we did not order much dishes. Ordered a fried vege, a fish, a meat and last but. Or least the crab.



Fried vege and a sweet and sour sliced fish. Estrella likes eating the fish so much she can finish one small bowl of rice and many slices of fish.

There’s this dish named 2012 where it’s a combination of pork ribs and chicken. Guess it was created in year 2012 thus it’s being name after that year. It was recommended by the tv program ‘Ho Chiak’.


And of course the long waited dish of the day the XXL sized crab. Curren they are running a promotion where each crab are selling at RM48 each. We we looking at the XL size which was selling at RM66 for two but decided to go with the larger one instead.


It’s was cooked in a clay pot and the flavor were quite special. Something like buttered but some curry type of flavor. Very lightly spicy and it was very good. A very satisfying meal indeed. Even Estrella was enjoying very much of the meal and the crab meat.

We head over to Menjalara for dessert at Chef De Pastry. Didn’t know that there were this bakeries and the cakes sold were so temptatious. Ice cream cakes too, but I ended up ordered a green tea cake with red beans. Slightly too sweet which I was unable to finish it.

We were so full and it was an enjoyable night with hubby beside and our very closed friend to have in this special occasion and days.

An Autumn in Nuremberg ~ Part 1 *throwback*

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Published on: January 2, 2015

Weather:  Super cold
Mood: Guten

The first time I went to Nuremberg, Germany was last February of 2012 and it was then the winter time. Temperatures back then was always negatives. And now again for the second time fortunate enuff for being invited to the 1st CCC Conference n also to their team event to Rettenbach, a Bavarian forest away from the city.


It was superbly a nice experience to see the trees which was green turning yellow n some even reds. Nice scene n weather everywhere we went. The first day of the conference was seriously on the job that we sat in the conference for one whole day. It was a fruitful one though. Was introduced to the Super Big Boss, Big Big Boss n Big Boss. In short, all the bosses lah.. some are new faces, also with some colleagues from different countries too.

Best Western Hotel Room

The first day we were there it was a Sunday thus we have to search for food on our own and this what we found. With around Euro 5 we get this whole set which is more than enough for two!


The week went well for there are on-going meetings and discussion that creates opportunity. On the fourth day Of the week we are all most ready to the outing at Rettenbach.  Heard that it was a great place for relaxation. Our team building event will also be there or around there. I hope that the activity were not So hectic.

The best part I like of our Germany HQ office is the canteen. Each day, different foods are served and it was delicious. Colleagues or ppl there are very well disciplined that they always clear their tray in a systematic way. Some of the foods I had when i was there. Yummy Yummy!

20121024_121838 20121024_121855 20121024_121831 20121023_122139 20121022_122956 20121022_122945


20121024_124227 20121024_124220

After each meal, grab an ice cream and enjoyed in over the cold weather it was really great. Unbelievably they have so many different choice of Magnum ice cream which had been one of my favorite. It will seems like the ice cream would never melt coz the weather were only about 10 celcius that time.


We went also to the town square for a short walk (me, Paola a colleague from Chile and Crystal). Few photos taken at the pond, the biggest landmark right after you came out from the train station.

20121023_180748 20121023_180839

Another place I’d like, the ‘bratwurst sausage sandwich’ stall. Super nice, warm though eating in the middle of the town. Euro 2.50 each.

20121023_184637 20121023_184630 20121023_184624

We walked around and so many types of sausage available. I’ve also seen some vegetables that does not looks like vegetables at all. And this above is sausage, I tot it was some sweet potatoes not until i took a closer look and realised its also sausages.


20121023_180622 20121023_180616

We were waiting for another colleague of ours, a Germans to join us for dinner and when he arrived he treated us to some treats before we went to somewhere else for a long long walk.

20121023_191640 These are the treats and the one above with big round shape is a big as my palm and it cost about 2 Euro each. Chocolates on the outside with full creamy icing inside. I found it to be a bit too sweet but Crystal says it was okay. There are so many flavours that we dun know which to be chosen from.


20121023_191611 20121023_191026

So we spent a few days in the office getting into meeting and conference and discussion meeting all the other colleagues we were suppose to. Most of the time we only liaise and communicate through emails and now that we sees each other, GREAT!

The next few days will be spent in a Bavarian forest. Oh..i’m so looking forward into it. I have not been far out from my BOLEH land. So this is definitely a great adventure for me.

Next on dreamchasez.com to see my Part 2 on an Autumn spent in Rettenbach, the Bavarian Forest in Germany. *-*

PeRsoNaLisED haNdMadE aCCessOrieS

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Published on: August 12, 2013

new logo - Copy







Weather: Sunny
Mood: Good

Been busy for quite sometime now as am exploring and preparing for a new ventures. With some passion and interest in what I will be doing now, I proudly present the ‘LOVEAPEARL HANDMADE ACCESSORIES’.

At Loveapearl, we let you customise your own unique piece of products since factory made jewellery can’t impersonal at times. Our handmade jewellery are created with freshwater pearls, crystals, semi-precious gemstone, glass beads, wooden beads, plastic beads, silver plated copper base and other durable, reliable materials. You may find unique, handmade jewellery where we had been creating and pouring love to all our jewellery and accessories in our stores.

Why LoveaPearl?

With our names which include the characteristic of Pearls, it brings you simple and elegant accessories despite diamonds had always been the best friend for all girls. We uses good grades and sizes of fresh water pearls.

Freshwater pearls are characterized by their irregular shapes and unusual colors. Supply and demand also contribute to the value of pearls. There is a plethora of freshwater pearls available each year—unlike saltwater pearls whose perfectly round shapes and mirror-like luster make them a true paragon. This is why freshwater pearls are so affordable. Whereas saltwater pearls are investment grade quality, freshwater pearls are closer to costume jewelry in their prices.

Regardless of their price or rarity, freshwater pearls are nontheless beautiful and very economical. The simplicity and elegance that all of us could afford.

Of course I can’t concentrate all along with only pearls so I’d some other handmade with crystals, charms, beads and pandora style too.

You may find us at the link below, feel free to drop by. Personalisation and customisation is what makes your accessories unique. Follow your heart and choose your most desired designs/patterns.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/loveapearl

Instagram: http://instagram.com/loveapearl

Ah, pictures speaks a thousand words.

A simple charm bracelet made from fresh water pearls
A simple charm bracelet made from fresh water pearls

These fresh water pearls sizes ranges from 0.8-10mm each.

Swarozski Heart Purple Bracelet
Swarozski Heart Purple Bracelet

You don’t necessary be the one whom wearing these accessories but it will  be a great idea with various selection for you as a gift for your loved ones. Something for your sister perhaps?

Customised bracelet for lovely sisters
Customised bracelet for lovely sisters

 Or how about something for your daughter or niece.

Photo 11-8-13 11 55 23 PM

Not to forget your bff too!

Customised order for a Birthday Girl
Customised order for a Birthday Girl

In fact all these are newly created over the weekend. Its not even available on my fb page and website yet but I can guarantee that it will soon. So, remember to check it out ya!

Antique Copper Green theme bracelet
Antique Copper Green theme bracelet

And, sometime for a feminine type of lady with simples charms and sweet colours.

Photo 12-8-13 8 14 33 AM Photo 11-8-13 11 55 41 PM

And before this post ends here, stay tune for another ‘GIVEAWAY POST’, yes I meant it. A giveaway (in fact there’s few items) for my dear lovelies readers and supporter. Remember to like my page to get the most updated news and products.

*Sign up (<— click to sign up) as a member now and you will have a Welcome Token of RM2 credited to your account for your first purchase.*

See ya there peeps!

wHat’S uR chILhoOd toYs?

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Published on: June 17, 2013

Weather: Hot
Mood: Good

Do you still remember what kind of toys you had played when you were a child? What’s your childhood memory of your toys? I had quite a number of toys or games I used to play during my childhood. Apart from those primary schools games such as congkak which I also used to have one and there are self made ‘batu seremban’. I’m not sure why it is called batu seremban though I’m born there. :-p

Batu Seremban, image from Google.
Batu Seremban, image from Google.

When I was a teenager I was presented by an electronic toys called Furby. And now that had the new version of Furby with much more advance features that attracts the smart and demanding kids nowadays. This is how Furby looks like and now it’s comes with various unique color.


What I’ll be posting shortly might not be so familiar to you unless you are almost or the same age with me.  I almost forgot what was the name of that doll that I once had. This doll is special, says that it may help fulfills your wish. The one I had was a forced gift I had from my cousin. Yeah, he was forced to give it to me after days of persuading. Hehe, I finally had it and I loved it very much.

Years past by and I have not seen it anymore. Prolly mum had thrown it during our house shifting each time. Still had no idea what I’m trying to blog about, huh? I’ve made smoke google search and got the name as TROLL DOLL. Have you heard of troll doll. Some may have think the doll looks bit weird and not nice or maybe even eerie.

When the doll was launch most were naked and after they came with various type of costume. The uniqueness of the doll were they had long, standing, colorful hair. I looked around websites and forums to see if I would be able to find one for sale. I would like to have one as my collection.

As what my job had benefit me all these years googling and searching for stuffs had became easy peasy for me. Saw a forumer letting go her pre-loved troll doll from Canada. After a few messages, we decided to meet up for a cod. Not only one but five of them for the price of only RM50. When I was younger, one medium doll cost RM89.90 available at Toys R Us.

To cut it short we met up today and found that a girl same as my age came for the COD. The first impression is that the dolls was her childhood toys too. Anyway since she’s letting go then i shall just add it to my collection bringing back my childhood memories.

And these are the troll dolls I’m talking about. Came in four sizes, extra small, small, medium and large. Large is about 6′ inch including the height of its hair.

This is what I used to have last time. Naked purple troll.

So this is what I mean by naked doll with long and colored hair.

A sailorman and ala Flinstone costume troll

Then then one with costume while in a different size.

Have you seen this before or have you own one too. What’s your sizes, color of hair and costume? Do you think it will still work if I make a wish right now? I will keep them as long I could even though they won’t make my wish come true. BUT, I will still make a wish. Hahaha… No harm trying I guess.

One Happy Family

If you had got one, have you make a wish and did it came true? What do you think about the doll? Do you like it or would you think it’s weird too? Please feel free to share your memories with me.

One thing I’m glad while buying this from a forumer is that hubby did not complain as in why I’m spending money buying stuff someone else used to have and pre-loved. Its becuz he says he used to have one and he like it a lot too. He even asked if I saw his (some present from the ex-gf) in any of his drawer or toys collection back then. Well, its not about the jealousy he still keep and loved that doll but I really hadn’t seen it ever since I’m with him. And this is like 12 years already we are together and I’m not that type requesting someone to throw away the memories of the past.

Memories stays as memories and what important is were are together and well, married! I was surprise la a bit when he says he used to have one and he likes it a lot. Oh, oh there’s one tiny extra small ones missing in the pics here. Its a fridge magnet and I put it at the fridge and forgot then to take the pictures. Paiseh, paiseh.

When I’m going to have my own children in near future, I’ll show them what is their mum’s toys back in those old days instead of ipad, psp, ps4, etc..

My fIRsT BaG oF LovE

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Published on: June 14, 2013
Weather: Rainy days
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With the power and excellence of the media and social network of today’s era I’ve come across many websites, news and review of a kind of subscription of boxes and bags with some sample size product. Some even comes in full size and most product were beauty products. My BFF were one of the much active bloggers that does some review of this hitz that goes around. She had paid and subscribe Bag Of Love previously and it grabs my attention.

It looks nice and the uniqueness of this subscription is that they provide different style and colors of bags each month compared to those comes in boxes. I think the lil bags and pouches are more practical as well value for money. The subscription paid off with various forms of products and the value is always more than you are paying.

And so a piece of advice been given that I may want to have a sneak preview of the upcoming items or brand in the subscription before making u my mine to subscribe. And so I’ve been eyeing on this site call Bag of Love. Subscription fee were only RM39.90 for a one time/month. The month of May’s bag had something I’d like to have which I spotted in their FB page thus back from my short holiday from Legoland, the bag arrives in office. Teehehehe…

A welcome and introduction note.

Let’s have a look whats in it, a cosmetic pouch in beige with gold wordings and that’s nice!


And a peek into the bag let you guess what’s inside,


Yo, I saw something I like the minute i peek through. Seeing the word Eternity means there’s some sample of CK parfume/edt. Though I had a few but no harm of having more right.


Now, lets take out all the goodies inside and have a good look of what I had for my first bag of Love.

Kerastase hair products.

So there are some  hair products samples altogether including a dove body wash. Okay, so we have hair and body products.


Now move on I’ve got a small pack of Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules. What is it for? Oh, its serum that helps to restore smoothness and firms your skins.

And the now, what i like most in the bag of love is this.  The Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow hand cream. I like the smell of the hand cream cuz I’m very much particular in stuffs contains smells. Due to my sinus (allergic that keep sneezing), I always avoid having parfum or cream that smells are too strong.

Somerset Meadow Hand Cream
Somerset Meadow Hand Cream

For hand cream, I’ve been trying some other products and some stays a kind of sticky feels over my palm which I dislike and bless be this DOES NOT. Therefore the hand cream is now being place at my work station to prevent me from dry and cracking skins due to the long hour sit in the air cond place. Who doesn’t want a smooth hands afterall.

Have you got yourself a bag of love? The June edition is launched, with the theme of fun in the sun. Came in a blue stripe pouch, Blue my favi color. Want to know more? Head on to the link below for more info on your first subscription and feel the surprise they’ll be throwing in for your.

Bags Of Love – Website for subcriptions

Bag Of Love – FB page for news and sneak preview


Uh-oh! I almost forgot, they had a voucher for a free Manicure session too! Deng! I forgot to take picture tim. Okay, the next bag I’m getting I’m going to capture all the pictures for you all dear readers. And so now you know there will be a lot of freebies in a Bag of Love for only RM39.90 (one month subcription) and subcribe more to entitle for special freebies.

(Pst…this is not a review but rather an experience based post)

MoTheR’s daY & BiRtHdAy cELebRaTion

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Published on: June 4, 2013








Weather: Sunny & Hot
Mood: Tired

Mum’s birthday falls on the 22nd this every year I’ll celebrate both Mother’s day and her Birthday at one go. Hehe.. Yeah You could say It’s a matter of cost saving. So we brought her Pavilion kl for a dinner at her choice but as usual I know she does not have much particular preference.

Mum always preferred western food so we ended up at the Morganfield in Pavilion.

Ordered a few dishes, nachos as an appetizer for all of us.

Nachos with chilli and cheese
Nachos with chilli and cheese

Hubby ordered a baby ribs where mum ordered a steak. For myself I’ve ordered the signature smoke burger.

BBQ Baby Ribs with Garlic

BBQ Baby Ribs with Garlic

Everything was delicious and we enjoyed much of the dinner.

Smoke Burger
Smoke Burger

Mum enjoyed her dinner a lot though she could not finish the whole dish.

2013-06-06 08.53.48 2013-06-06 08.50.21

During the actual day of Mum’s birthday, I secretly ordered a cake online and have it delivered to her house. Funny part was I forgot the address I had to double confirm with my brother and sis in law.

2013-06-06 08.47.04

The cake arrived on time and of course she was surprised. A lovely heart shaped cake with tonnes of strawberries on top.

I had my sis in law to help took some pictures and sends it to me. 

I hope she had a memorable birthday for this year. Love you, Mum! <3

sUsHi mAkiNg

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Weather: Sunny & Hot
Mood: Good


There was this book of sushi making which was bought few years back but never end up making one out of it. And hubby starts nagging telling me that its a waste and asked me to made him some sushi instead. So we went to Jusco on Saturday to get some of the ingredients and tools needed. Was quite determined this time to have to make sushi.

We actually bought the seaweed, vinegar and the sushi rice back a while ago so we only need to buy some other ingredients such as Salmon, tuna, kai fish, ebikko, chuka hotate and also not to missed the japanese cucumber.

Preparing the sushi rice was not really difficult afterall. Cooked rice, prepared rice vinegar (vinegar + sugar + salt bring to low heat for dissolve) mixed them well and it became sticky. And also need to prepare another bowl of vinegar + water so that you can rinse your hand to ensure that the sushi rice does not stick all to your hands. Amazingly the sushi rice can really be so sticky after the mixture.

Then hubby help to bring out the ingredients. After half and hour battle, tada! There goes some kappa maki, ebikko sushi, salmon sushi, tuna sushi and chuka hotate sushi. Looks quite good eh. Not to forget, we also bought a tube of wasabi. The wasabi was not as good as those we found at sushi bar or restaurant where the one we had were so greenish and watery.


Hubby prefer Kikkoman soy sauce but I prefer sweet sauce. We were looking ups and downs for the sweet sauce as I tot teriyaki or unagi sauce was the same and he kept telling me they are not the same. Lolx.



And so both us enjoyed the sushi making and home made sushi for dinner on a Sunday. Cus thinking of what to eat is really a headache for each of us every day, every hour every minute. Looks quite okay, almost i would say ‘almost’ like a pro or at least looks like those bought from the hypermarket at times.


And of course hubby did not complain that it was no good. So, I had a meaningful Sunday a great weekend with spent with my loved ones. How bout you??

sUpeRheAdz goLdEn HaLf

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Published on: April 30, 2013








Weather: Rainy
Mood: Tired


Was told by my BFF that there is a sales a bargain corner at One Utama that a lomo camera can be bought at low price. I was asking as how low..yeah am those type that always ask into super details. She was saying as low as RM80 and its branded lomo camera. Tempting to get a good lomo camera all these while and I always like the Lomo Diana or even bulky type like Holga. ♥

As I need to work and stays far from One U so I doubt that I will be able to go and have a look needless to say of getting one. I’ve asked another fren whom is working at One U to go and have a look for me. She went and saw the event was on clothing, yes actually it was a bargain corner for clothing but they had a small corner which sells lomo cameras. As she was rushing back home to pack for her holiday thus she did not went in and check. So I told her its okay.

When I was about to give up, the couple fren who always hang out with us booked the dinner to celebrate my hubby birthday earlier on Thursday which was suppose to be on Saturday. It was a coupon bought online at Bavarian Bierhaus. Aha, the chance came.

So after work I manage to persuade my dear hubby to drop by One U first before we head to the Curve for dinner. For such one purpose only we were there and ‘Gotcha!’. Manage to grab a last unit of the Superheadz Half Camera.


If you wonder what is a Superheadz Half Camera, its a lomo 35mm film camera which captures double of the film strips. In other words, a 36 exposures films will comes out with 72 images. 2 images sharing a strip of film in this case. Probably I’ll share some images capture from this lomo soon.

Few other designs. Actually there are more designs available.
Simple and nice Hello Kitty

The design of this type of camera comes in various. They have Hello Kitty too, which was my favourite Sanrio character apart from Deardaniel and My Melody. 

As it was the last unit, I have no other design to choose from an ended up with this Green Tree. Not bad after all for ‘Going GREEN’ huh. The package includes a camera strap, a box of films and of course the unit of the camera.

Packaging of the lomo cam.
Packaging of the lomo cam.

Talking about the price, as for One Card member an additional of 10% discounts on top of 50% is definitely the best deal. So I had this for RM85.50 after discount. Feeling happy and satisfied despite some nagging from hubby as I had many other lomo already in my cupboard.

The DIY kit
The DIY kit

Not sure why i’m such a crazy for lomo cameras. I remember i bought a DIY one and made hubby sat there for 4 hours completing it for me. Hahaha…

The end results thanks to Hubby
The end results thanks to Hubby

Are you a LOMO fans too?

DaY tRip to tG. sEpaT

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Published on: April 17, 2013








Weather: Hot and Sunny

Mood: Good


A friend of ours asked us to go for a day trip to Tanjung Sepat due his wife just came back from overseas after three months. Since its a weekend and he volunteered to drive so we catch up a long then.

A sunny Sunday morning and so we head up straight to the highway heading to Tanjung Sepat and ‘Lover’s Bridge’ was the first stop. From what I’ve heard about this bridge it was named the lover’s bridge as most of the daytime, the lover/wife will send off their man to the sea for their work as a fishermen thus it was named that way.

Upon reaching the bridge, this the first thing I’d saw and I was laughing. AS you know, Malaysia is full of weird stuff just like the signboard here. Try to Spot on whats the matter.



Hubby was afraid of the movable feels he gets while walking over the bridge. Actually the signboard was there for quite sometime i guess but no one actually took a look at it therefore of course they din follow the instructions. As for us, hahaha…well you guess!

Took some pictures of the environment and scenery that we rarely sees back in the hustle bustle city of Kuala Lumpur.

DSCF0355 DSCF0362 DSCF0361

At first we tot of having our lunch there at the nearby restaurant but luck wasn’t onto us today and we then head to the famous ‘bao’ seller, Hai Yew Heng nearby. The queue was so long and of course no one bother to really queue up when the freshly steamed bao were brought in. I dun care much and do as what they did to me, cutting queue. When it was my turn I told the guy i want 25 pieces of the famours ‘Mui Choy Bau (preserved vegetable bao). Too bad for those who is behind me that time as there were only left 25 bao.

DSCF0373 DSCF0374

But our friend here told us that there was another which was even better and so we also went to that particular one that he recommended and indeed it was good too. We were hungry by then and so we decided to go to a restaurant nearby at Assam Batu for our lunch.

We were there for the second time. The first time was during our last trip to the Gold Cost Morib Resort on my last birthday.

Steam Prawn with Eggs
Pumpkin Chicken

DSCF0381 DSCF0388 DSCF0384

Somehow or rather is was quite disappointing this time that the standard of the dishes dropped slightly. One thing was good, the baby squid.

Fried Baby Squid
Fried Baby Squid

We were supposed to be expecting to eat some crabs since Tg. Sepat is also well known for its seafood. Luck wasn’t with us as the Crab was sold out of this restaurant. So we then left the town and visited the Pittaya Dragon Fruit farm.

DSCF0391 DSCF0392

I’m not really fancy on eating dragon fruit but this is definitely a must when visiting Tg. Sepat as the taste of the dragon fruit were so much of a difference compare to those that we used to buy from our local morning market of supermarket. Sweet and juicy and it can last about a month put in fridge. The price was okay too.

As having crab was the main purpose of our friend so we decided to stop  by to Seremban town for a crab fiesta and Sun Yat Seng Restaurant. We’ve been there a few times and all i could say is the crab is definitely a must try here.

DSCF0403 DSCF0404

I enjoyed a lot of their double boiled chicken in coconut soup. At RM15 each, it was enough for two person and the taste was real good. Highly recommended. As we had quite full of our lunch and it was only about 6pm we reach, we ordered a soup, crab and the famous pork ribs.


The pork ribs is full of taste and the size was rather big, unfortunately i was not really a fans of pork especially the ribs. My hubby always says I’m not good at eating. Lolx.

DSCF0411 DSCF0409 DSCF0406 DSCF0410

We ordered two types of crab, one which is in spicy and sweet sauce that comes with ‘man tou’ and another is the grilled crab which was the famous one.

We headed back to KL after dinner time and it was a real fulfilling makan trip for the four of us. Hubby says we won’t visiting Tg. Sepat again real soon cuz its tiring and too many food makes him fat.

Tg. Sepat town is quite a small town with many attractive places to be visited. Here’s a map should you need it. We’ve been to all the spots in the map and one day is definitely enough to be visiting all of those.



Map Double Click the word and you will get the map in pdf format.

teAk WoOd DeEp TisSue HeALiNg MaSsaGe

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Published on: April 16, 2013








Weather: Hot & Stuffy

Mood: Tired and Not Well

It has been a tiring and frustrating week. Issues with human, at work, friends, colleagues and many many more. God had been always fair to us to offer us a helping hand whenever we needed. Since it was a tiring period, I’ve taken up the offer from Cres Welness on their new massage. It’s a new type of massage named Deep Tissue Healing Massage using teak wood.

Cres The Gardens
Cres The Gardens


Coincidentally I was in mid valley for a two day training thus it makes me more conveniently pay them a visit and relaxing my Friday off with a massage. Entering their Gardens outlet with warm greetings front their staffs. With no much delayed I was offer a scrub bath before getting the massage. It’s was such a relaxing scrub bath and my skins feels much smoother relaxing from its tense feeling.

Scrub bath is ready..
Scrub bath is ready..


In about 15 minutes later I’m readied for the massage. The masseurs had provide some towel for wrapping and introduces the type of teak wood used for the massage. And so the massage began with the neck and shoulder with some teak wood rolling on. My stiffened necks feels relieves and then she proceeds with the back and off to my feet.

Smaller size of teak wood massage tools for ankles, heels.
Smaller size of teak wood massage tools for ankles, heels.

From the pictures you’ll see the shape of the small teak wood which we were use for smaller parts of the body such as the heel and wrist. Where there are those which the sizes are slightly bigger its for parts of body such as the arms and thigh. For this teak wood massage it does not feels the same like many other massage.

Different tools for different part of the body.
Different tools for different part of the body.

Despite it does not feels like Thai massage where you heard all the cracking sounds over your neck, waist that you feel the instant relieve nor those Tuina type where you feel the pressure deep down to your nerves this is where you will feel comfortable when it rolled over you body.

The massage uses Deep Sensual Massage oils where it provides deep infiltration with active ingredients into our deep tissue for stimulation and activation of detoxification process. According to the explanation from the masseurs there are lumps blocking the circulation of the tensed tissue or exhausted muscle, which may caused limited movement or pain. Deep Tissue Healing Massage will break down the lumps and restore movement and relief pain. The active ingredients of the Deep Sensual Massage Oil penetrate to deep tissue to promote circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage and provide a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Release deep muscular tension, relieve stress and strain, reducing pain, providing instant healing and a deep and soothing recovery.


Along the massage, I felt relieved as I had always suffer back pain and stiffened shoulder due to pressure and stress especially at work. With different sizes of teak wood is used on various parts of the body and maximize leverage and gravity with sliding, rolling, kneading, pivoting, levering, tapping and friction techniques to reach deep tissue on these trouble areas such as neck, shoulders, back and legs.


It was a long 2 hours massage session which I took a nap alongside with a hot blanket session as the last activity. The hot blanket provides you a feeling of relaxing with the massage for deeper penetration. Additionally this massage also helps in relieving periodical migraine, improve reflex and blood circulation of the feet. Important point that I noticed also where it also helps to soften stubborn cellulite.

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  • Please present voucher upon redemption.
  • The voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products/services/promotions
  • Prior appointment is required, Please contact CRES outlets for your appointment.

GOOD LUCK Readers, and hope you will enjoy the massage much I do!

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